Month: January 2014


Jesse Alexadner Shramenko High School Graduation Photo

Hi, my name is Jesse Alexander Shramenko and I am planning on pursuing a degree in Video Production. I am 22 years old and am currently a junior. I am from Secaucus, New Jersey, and i’ve transferred here from Bergen Community College in August 2012. My hobbies include studying/reading/meditating on the Holy Bible, watching television, skiing, walking, and occasionally listening to music. I also enjoy eating food that tastes good, along with drinking water, “Arizona”-brand drinks, and hanging out with friends from time to time. I enjoy being on the move as long as I am focused on the right things and able to spare my feet, I feel it’s good to be in good shape about my doings and have a good mind-set to get things done and have a good dynamic with people and God. I would not mind being a camera man and/or Bible study teacher. I have enjoyed practicing the art of DJ-ing, singing and rapping in the past. Whatever it is I end up doing it is nice to know that I still am getting an education and that practice makes perfect. I am very glad that so far I have been blessed enough to have the time to figure things out by and by and still do. I hope to learn whatever I am supposed to in this class and do well in it. I certainly am not perfect, but wish to pass the class through honest and hard work.


Piece of Leanna

My name is Leanna Truong! I am a senior at Rutgers University- Newark! I am a double major for Journalism and Video Production (newly added). I transferred from San Diego, California.. I know what you are thinking. Why would she leave beautiful San Diego, CA for NEW JERSEY! Just so you all know that I grew up in Jersey majority of my life. I left Jersey when I was a sophomore in High School and moved back my sophomore year of college to RU-N. I love it here. The fast-paced atmosphere here in the east coast drives to me push harder and work hard for what I want. Don’t get me wrong, Cali was awesome, but not for college. I decided to become a Arts and Sciences major because if you get to know me, it really fits my personality. I am very outgoing, laid-back, goofy, dedicated and driven. I may come off as shy at first, but it really depends who I am talking to.

My main focus that I plan to do with my career is to do PR and Event Planning in the entertainment business.  I love the feeling of planning and executing all the hard work put into my events and programs. My goal when I am older is to become a CEO Communications Director for a high end well known company that can give me an experience that other would kill for… now that I think of it I wouldn’t mind putting my work into a up and coming company that I believe that will grow and do great things.

But the ultimate goal in life to eventually plan the Grammy’s and the Oscars! I get such a thrill with staying on my toes when working!

I hope to continue to work my way up the ladder and reach my goal! Feel free to come up to me to talk and hang out! I love to eat and go out in the city!

Feel free to come & talk to me. I am very open and outgoing!

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ImageI’m Lorena. Nice to meet you.

I’m currently spending my free time here at Rutgers.  I’m not really sure what I’m doing.  Hopefully, I can figure that out soon.I like watching movies and listening to music, like most people.  I play bassoon and some other instruments and have perfect pitch, which I guess is pretty cool.  I don’t really do anything ‘artsy’.  I would like to own a farm and maybe a few cows or something, but I’m not seriously in pursuit of that.  Here’s my hamster, Clyde.  He’s probably also a college student.  Examine his pose:



About me….

ImageHello everyone my name is Haydelis many people like my friends know me as Addy which is short for my name and easier to pronounce. I am a senior here at Rutgers University and graduating in May thankfully, My major is criminal justice and I am very passionate about helping people which is some what of why I picked my major and also why my goal after graduating is to become a detective in hopes to  specifically working with special victims. Although this course might not relate to my major, I still chose this course because it seemed very interesting and I am always willing to learn something new. 

Heyyy All!


My name is Swayzeen Medina, but everyone calls me Sway. I am a singing journalist, well at least that’s what i call myself. I am a city girl, I was born and raised in Jersey City, while living there, I was exposed to a variety of different Arts. The art of writing is what i fell for, so i decided to major in journalism. I also might as well be a music minor because I’ve taken several music courses. I am a senior this year, and I’m very much looking forward to graduation next semester.

I am 22 years old, and would eventually like to see myself doing production for a major news show, or on TV as a news anchor. Journalism follows along with many other passions I have, such as music, dance, and just anything that has to do with the performing arts. I think my passions seem to coincide with one another a lot at times, so it all works out for me.

Lets see, I love animals, my favorite food is seafood, I hate cold weather, I love romantic comedies, love fashion, school is awesome, but it would be more awesome if it was free. I am pro-choice, politics yuck! Oh, and I almost forgot i’m a mixed baby, I’m half Puertorican, and African American. I try to be worldly, and i’m am super open minded. Can’t wait to experience Imagery and Culture this semester with you all.

What’s Up


Hey everyone my name is Eddie Spitaletta, I am a senior and graduating in May. It has been a long journey as this is my fifth year and third school. I started out at Manhattan College on an academic and baseball scholarship. I loved the school but the problem was the freshman curse if you call it that. I got extremely lazy and did not want to get up and go to class. My grades were a little disappointing which lead me to my second school. I transferred to Bergen Community College  where I did in fact get very good grades and I decided to do only one year there. I then was recruited to come to Rutgers Newark and play baseball. I played three years and had the time of my life. The only thing missing was I did not know what i wanted to do for the rest of my life. I applied and got into the business school but it just was not for me. I love to write so I decided to give journalism a try and I fell in love instantly. Which brings me to the end of a long and tiring journey. 


Djing has always been a passion of mine. I have been playing in New York City since i was 18.The feeling of people dancing to what your playing is an incredible feeling.

I Am Greg

I’m a junior currently double majoring in business management and journalism.  My passion has lied within the journalism field since I would watch the late Peter Jennings anchor the ABC Evening News as a young boy.  My hobbies include sports and men’s fashion.  I never considered myself a hockey fan until I was given the opportunity to cover the New Jersey Devils and through covering the games I’ve acquired a bigger appreciation and level of respect for what hockey players are able to deal with on a nightly basis especially from a physical standpoint.

From a news perspective, I’m interested to see where the future of journalism is headed and in particular how it will fit within how media is evolving.  Some people say that journalism as an industry is dying but I believe that as long as people are interested in what is happening around them, there will always be a place in society for journalism.  The fact of the matter is a lot of people seem to gain satisfaction in becoming informed on the matters that could shape how they live their lives.


Hello there

Hey everyone, I’m Harrison Wagner and I’m a Finance major at Rutgers-Newark. A tad about myself – I used to play soccer for school, I enjoy sports in general but I am a bigger comic / video game / music fan than most athletic activities. Finance is something that I do because math is fun to me, but it isn’t something I see myself doing as a profession. My dream is to become a professor and I plan on taking the proper steps (whatever they may be) to get there. Outside of school work, I really enjoy spending time with my family / friends and the like. Harrison photo

This is a photo of me from 2010. My brother enjoys photography and he was fiddling with the new camera he had just purchased. While I don’t really have any musical or artistic qualities that some of you may have, I really love art and such. I hope to gain new perspectives from each of you as we go through this course. I tend to have a little bit more cynical view of media and when it comes to art, I find myself drawn to darker and gloomier paintings, photos, music, moves, etc. I guess I find myself always trying to figure out what happened to get to that mood or point in the respective art that I am viewing. I’m looking forward to this class.

Hello there!

My name is Ashley Jacklyn Carmenatty and I’m a 22 year old senior at Rutgers University studying Anthropology and minoring in Art. As a hobby I take photographs, manly conceptual but also your typical everyday stuff. I have an Instagram account where I show my skills in photo manipulation using stock images from, (@bellacasia_xo). I’m truly grateful to have fallen in love with the arts because it enables me to express myself, something that is quite difficult for me to do naturally. Each photo that I take or manipulate, represents an emotion and a moment in time in which words cannot express what I’m feeling.