My name is Krishna Kashiwala.


I am a senior graduating in May; double majoring in Political Science and Journalism. I eventually want to graduate from law school. Although I have no intentions of practicing law afterwards, I want to work for our government. Last year, I did my fellowship with Polaris Project. An organization that has vowed to combat modern-day slavery -Human Trafficking in the United States. I spent a week in Washington DC at our organization’s headquarters training in the field of Human Trafficking. At Polaris I worked with survivors helping them assimilate back into society. Currently I am volunteer with the organization. I also worked in the Woodbridge Township Prosecutor’s office as an Intern for 6 months.

My interest in law sparked after my grandfather’s death in 2002. My grandfather, my father figure, was the Union Leader of all of Gujarat (state in India). He spent his entire life fighting for human rights. His influence and his beliefs sparked a desire in me to give back as much as I could.

Media has been an important outlet in not just sharing information but in spreading awareness. Especially about issues surrounding humanity. I have grown up with strong cultural values, that have allowed me to see things in a more spiritual perspective. I recieved a taste of cultural differences at a very early age. At the same time, it taught me what it meant to be an American with a strong ethnic background. The values I have gained being brought up in an American-Indian household has given me the strength to accept my Indian heritage and respect my American culture. Although it hasn’t been easy, I have grown up wanting to give back to a nation that has provided me with so much knowledge and for accepting me as one of their own.


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