Practices of Learning Chapter 1

Two questions and two quotes for Class discussion

An image produced at a certain moment in time represents concepts, emotions, and meanings (36) is the “stop sign” as ubiquitous a “Jesus on the Cross” Necklace.

1. is it more important to have first-hand experience with the Image or is knowledge of the image through pop culture and satire enough?  Example #1 Mona Lisa #2 Marilyn Monroe

The fact that the Marlboro man represented Virility (30) is interesting but how about the fact that they now evoke the same feeling by showing the landscape of the Western Frontier without the cowboy based on the many years of the Marlboro image being imbedded in our minds to the point where we can finish the image for the advertisement.

  1. Is this Marlboro scenario Americano Art and Iconic Imagery or just a powerful sales pitch?
  2. Is it the fact that Marlboro reds were originally intended as a feminine cigarette, something that should be used in anti-smoking advertisements now? To show the history of packaging and manipulation.



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