Practices of Learning Chapter 7

“Glamour cannot exist without personal social envy being a common and widespread emotion”.(148)

Do you envy? Or do you feel normal and have a smaller life? Do you purchase a ticket to the island and the suit and the hair product and grow the vacation stubble and the sexy liquor beverage or do you become angry and get back to your job with no direct sunlight and a uniform Two questions and two quotes for Class discussion

The power of the glamorous lies in their supposed happiness, the bureaucrats power in supposed authority…The vacant looks are to look out over us as we look back with envy.

  1. made of uncomfortable materials. Can you afford that other person’s life, do you have time?
  2. Have you ever stared at that one great photo of yourself and felt better. Have you stared at the 72 ugly ones you took to get to the one good one and before you deleted them, wondered what the truth about your looks really are? Am I perfect for a second every 72seconds.

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