Hi…My name is Jay.

To those who know me, hello friends. To those who don’t, my name is Jay Patel. I’m a senior here at Rutgers majoring in Video Production. I used to be an architect student at NJIT but their creative control over me forced me to conform my imagination to their liking. Unhappy with that I transferred to Rutgers in Spring of 2010 and almost immediately fell into the Video Production program.

While in this program I have honed my skills as a filmmaker but developed more as a writer than anything else. I’ve spent the better part of my last 4 years in school creating and breathing life into the most absurd of stories. It’s rather embarrassing to say this on a class blog, but more often than not I will spend a majority of my class time writing my ideas and perfecting them to the point. What’s more is that I have over 10 different story lines working at the same time in my head I amaze even myself when I’m able to recall every detail of my stories.

While in the video production program I have managed to better my skills behind the camera as I have behind the pen. Most of my work deals with heavy experimentation, mainly because I haven’t found my niche yet. Most of the time I rationalize that my overall ideas are too grand for me to execute at my level of expertise in the field. I am hoping to change that this semester going into the summer as I plan on entering a few film festivals and competitions to get my name out there and not end up a failed screenwriter with what could’ve been award winning scripts.

Attached is one of my very early experimental pieces that I based around a good friend of mine who’s finishing up the architecture program at NJIT that I left.



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