Benjamin (Gabe) Nazario Here || My Capabilities Reel 2014

My name is Benjamin Nazario. I actually go by Gabe, which is short for my middle name, Gabriel. I am currently a sophomore, & my major is Video Production. This however is more than just my major. I have created a freelance company for video production, photography, computer graphics, etc. in the past 2 years I have done multiple projects whether it be Weddings, Avant-Grande, Music Videos, or Short Films. I have taken multiple studio purses here at Rutgers so a lot of my work starts there. But I as a video production enthusiast a lot of the times decide to take my work a bit further than most.
Just this past semester my final project was to create a film of my choice. I decided to create a short film which takes hold of a narrative that I created. Not only did I do it for the project it was required for but I decided to add to it during winter break & I am currently submitting the film to about 3 film festivals all around the U.S.
However, other than film I also enjoy photography & computer graphics, including photoshop & after effects. I hope to take up drawing & sketching sooner or later, but we will have to see.
I have attached a link to my capabilities reel. Which is basically all my projects that I have created in the past year or so in a short 2 minute reel. I hope anyone who watches it gets a little understanding of who I am!

Imagery & Culture 2014
Benjamin Nazario


One comment

  1. You did such a great job with this video. I am impressed by your creativity and your editing skills. I can only imagine how amazing your work will be in the future. Continue working hard.

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