Douglas Reyes

Dougie_D_2   IMG_1299

My name is Douglas, and I am a fine arts/art history major. My ultimate goal is to become an art director, working in high fashion, media, and/or art. I am also interested in the business perspective of art, commercial gallery ownership/management, dealing, and curating.

As an artist I have developed both technically, visually, and mentally. Art has helped me to express myself in ways other medias could not possibly have. I rent a large studio space in Newark where I am currently working out of. My visual portfolio involves, urban landscape photography, sculpture, abstraction, and figurative works.

On my journeys I am bombarded by visual stimuli that not only encourages my work , but also influences my craft. My main focus is to help others see the world through my artistic vision, but also to indefinitely perpetuate my artistic work in the mind of the masses. I work diligently out in the field to help bring my vision to the world, by showcasing my works on online venues, as well as other medias.

I have been showcased in three gallery shows, including Rutgers University senior thesis show in the spring of 2013, and the spring of 2014, as well as the #padmanny art show in the fall of 2013, curated by no other than artist extraordinaire Emanuele Cacciatore, a highly distinguished artist in the field of Fine Arts.

As an artist I will continue to further expand my portfolio, by focusing my time and effort on my personal work, in hopes of furthering my artistic career, and someday gaining high notoriety in the world of art.

Below are examples of some of my visual work, including figurative pieces, photography, and sculpture.

_DSC0081   _DSC0082_DSC0080

dsc0096   dsc0110 dsc0157

IMG_1442   IMG_1434


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