Just Call Me Akin

Track Life

Shalom! I’m on the left. This was taken at a track meet last spring, but it was too cold that day. It’s still one of my favorite pictures.

My name’s Akin Shoyoye. Born in Nigeria, raised in Newark and wouldn’t change it. I’m finally a senior (it’s my fifth year as an undergrad student). I was initially at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, but transferred after my freshman year because, well, being an out-of-sate student is not cheap. I used to major in Nutritional Science, but switched to Journalism because I didn’t get along with the chemistry courses. I’m a fitness and nutrition fanatic as result of running track for about 8 years and going.

Now, I major in Journalism and very much enjoy it. I’m looking forward to a future in broadcast journalism and I’d also would like to try my hand in voice over work. We’ll see where that takes me. As much as I love journalism, I have no problem branching out to whatever may float my boat.

I’ve been entrenched in he world of journalism ever since I was kid because I grew up around a father that talked nothing but politics. So, naturally I had no choice but to watch countless hours of CNN and 60 minutes. Big Ed Bradley fan. As you may have noticed, I enjoy languages and hope to use Journalism to travel.


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