Let Me Introduce Myself

As a procrastinator that I am (not proud of it) I am sitting here typing this at the most unreasonable time, 5 AM. My name is Rodrigo Valencia and I consider myself a very random/spontaneous person who has finally decided what to do with his life. I have always been very passionate about every aspect of film, but it wasn’t until last semester that I realized that this is the path that I want to take. So yeah, I decided to declare my major in Video Production after having analyzed the whole career and getting some hands on experience with filmmaking. 

Born in Peru, I grew up in a family that instilled many interests and activities in my life that make up who I am today. A very open-minded, adventurous individual that’s always experimenting and willing to try out new things. There are many things that I like amongst those are, aviation, architecture, fashion, music, traveling, eating good and playing sports. I try to enjoy the many great things that life has to offer as much as I can. I would like to speak more about myself but i’ll rather let you guys learn more about me as the semester progresses and we all get to know each other. 


Selfie I took in Hamburg, Germany, last year.



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