Greetings… From Dave Erdely


I’m Dave Erdely. I’ve been involved in media professionally for about three years already. I started out in the television program at Mercer County Community College where I was also a part of MCN Live, the school news program, doing small things like operated cameras and learn basic studio management . The following semester I was director and editor of Dish It Out, a cooking program, for the school. It was during the end of this semester, December 2011 to be exact when I crossed path with someone that would change my life.

I met Gabriel Manak one quiet Thursday evening as I was working as computer lab monitor across the hall from the television studio. Now prior to this I had worked with Gabe a few in a audio production we were both in but I didn’t really know him too well. Anyway, I saw him coming in with all this musical equipment and asked him if he needed help setting up. He said sure and he told me his was band was auditioning for chance to have a music video done by another class that was auditioning bands for the shoot. I decided to sit in when everyone came to see them play. What I heard and what I experienced was something I never felt before. It was a combination of adrenaline from being in front of a live band, and the quality and substance of music they played. He blew me away and I was sure they would be selected for the shoot. But in case he wasn’t I told immediately after the performance that I thought he was phenomenal and if his band wasn’t chosen, I wanted to shoot a music video for him as a final for another class. Well it must have been fate because he wasn’t selected and we ended up doing the video together, which was one of the most memorable days of my life. After that I was hooked on his music. I spent the last 2 years helping him manage his career, creating media, building his website (which is currently down due to lack of funds), ¬†capturing his performances as video, and doing photo shoots.

Sample of my art work

The Last Album Cover We Put Together.

I’m currently doing that to a lesser extent but I am trying to get my foot in the door in the music business.


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