I’m Josh.

I’m Josh. I am unconventional and my story is too long for this blog. I am hybrid of cultures and lifestyles. Adventure and excitement has been my path for many years and this will now include Rutgers. My next overly grandiose plan is to parlay my education into becoming the President of the United States or situate myself as a powerful public figure. A goal of mine is to capitalize on the American dream and become so wealthy that I can use my own money for the greater good of all women and men. I spend a lot of my time thinking about and noticing the types of things we are discussing in this class. The art of subtle manipulation and propaganda used in advertising and politics is a love of mine. The world is being overrun by the mentality of “TMZ” and “Americas Got Talent” and I’d like to combat this with and develop a promotion and product mill that dictates pop culture, celebrity and public political opinion. The business would be a second comer model based on Andy Warhol’s factory but with a consciousness and a positive modern message. I also like long walks on the beach.

A few weeks before this semester, I staged my Selfiest Selfie.

(Satire or self-ie-ishness)

Iphoto 1


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