Jedd Kristjan

It’d be really difficult to describe myself using words, but here’s a quick attempt. My name is Jedd Kristjan Marquez, Jedd Kristjan being my full first name, but I’d prefer you to just call me Jedd because it’s much easier. I love life and I thank God for blessing me with such awesome family and friends. I’m currently taking my second semester at Rutgers Newark, still undecided. I’m into so many different things, some of which are fashion, playing guitar, riding my track bike, taking pictures, and DJing (a new interest I’ve developed and hope to get better at). However, since photography has seemed to work well for me so far, I took this Imagery and Culture class in hopes to gain better understanding of images (and culture lol) to hopefully improve my skills, being the young aspiring photographer that I am. With that being said, here’s a picture of the Manhattan skyline I took from the car as my friend was driving me back home to Jersey City one night.Image

Oh and here’s a picture a friend took of me being laaameImage



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