Hey, I’m Maxine.

Sup, I'm Maxine.

I’m currently a junior and I’m double majoring in journalism and video production.

Ironically, I don’t really wanna be a journalist. I’m more interested in hopefully one day producing a film or show or maybe be on radio.

Oddly enough, I never really imagined myself majoring in anything I am today. I’ve always loved art and was actually in a visual arts program in high school but then switched over to a business curriculum. I was headed for business school at Baruch College in NYC but money issues came up and I ended up switching out to a local university that I hated and then transferred here.

I originally was gonna go for marketing because I wanted to do Public Relations but decided I didn’t really need to go through the horrors of business school to do such. Also, my interests have changed as I’ve taken classes here. I also figured I could still express my creativity through writing screenplays or creating films.

That’s about it… for now.



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