A Little Something About Myself

I’ve been interested in film for a very long time. Everything started back in high school as a graphic designer making title animations through Adobe After Effects, then falling in love with the program and learning to expand my skills and putting that into effects in film making. From there I got in contact with my uncle’s friend who is a film maker. I’ve been learning and working for him for years now and hope to be as successful as him one day. So currently I do freelance video work as well as work for Escape Goat Pictures, winners of many film awards, including winning the grand prize at the Tribecca Film Festival.2006 I’ve worked on many live action book trailers with them and it has been quite the experience. Live action book trailers is essentially like a move trailer but instead it’s for a book. Out of my freelance work I have been very fortunate enough to have filmed an interview video with the famous choreographer and dancer Lyle Beniga, and recently YMCMB signed group Aziatix. 

So less about my film history, more about me personally. Aside from making films, I love video games, I stream games and record playthroughs for fun, even if no one’s watching them. I used to work at gamestop and abused the hell out of those benefits. If I could, I would totally be an Internet personally through live streams and gaming. My other hobby is dancing, I’ve been dancing since high school on the school team. Started out as a bboy, moved onto poppin, and now I just do hip hop choreography and freestyle. I don’t dance as often as I used to since I’ve been focusing on my independent film and other work. Well, I hope that I’ll have a good time in this Imagery and Culture class. I’m very excited to learn more things, add to my bank of knowledge.



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