Hello there

Hey everyone, I’m Harrison Wagner and I’m a Finance major at Rutgers-Newark. A tad about myself – I used to play soccer for school, I enjoy sports in general but I am a bigger comic / video game / music fan than most athletic activities. Finance is something that I do because math is fun to me, but it isn’t something I see myself doing as a profession. My dream is to become a professor and I plan on taking the proper steps (whatever they may be) to get there. Outside of school work, I really enjoy spending time with my family / friends and the like. Harrison photo

This is a photo of me from 2010. My brother enjoys photography and he was fiddling with the new camera he had just purchased. While I don’t really have any musical or artistic qualities that some of you may have, I really love art and such. I hope to gain new perspectives from each of you as we go through this course. I tend to have a little bit more cynical view of media and when it comes to art, I find myself drawn to darker and gloomier paintings, photos, music, moves, etc. I guess I find myself always trying to figure out what happened to get to that mood or point in the respective art that I am viewing. I’m looking forward to this class.


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