Hi! My name is Keane

Hey guys! The name is Keane which is pronounced like the word “keen.” If you asked me as a joke if I ever went to Kean University, you would be the 10,000th person to ask me. I’m leaning towards being a journalism major with an interest in covering sports.

And while undoubtedly you know a lot of other people trying to do this I have somewhat of a little unique goal and I suppose I’ll spend my blog post on what I’m trying to do if I go deep with the major.

Sports is an area where humanity is perhaps devolving. Not in a physical sense where athletes are breaking records left and right, no I’m talking about an ability to think. The media is prone to group-think and it’s getting rampant. It’s even affecting the way stories are reported.  For example, the beat writers of the New York Giants refuse to believe that one of the coaches on the staff should get fired and have vehemently denied all the rumors of a person getting fired.  Turns out, a few days later the rumors so viciously denied turned out to be true. I’m not talking about two or three reporters, it’s close to a dozen reporters groupthinking as one collective mind. While this is done on a constant basis by news outlets such as Fox News or MSNBC, those are strategical moves to pander to a set audience.  It’s devious and brilliant and evil but it’s done purposefully to promote an agenda. This is sports.  There’s no purpose for any agenda whatsoever. It’s just a lack of rational thought and facts and in place come fallacies or false, tenuous narratives.  Ask anyone if they believe LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan.  No one will admit it because of the public ridicule they will face if they admit a “blasphemy” that severe. However if you try to argue this with statistics or facts you also get insulted and instead unproven narratives are the accepted evidence. Check any ESPN story about those two. I’m not exaggerating.

At the end of the day I couldn’t are less who the better player is (LeBron) but the point is I want people to learn to think. The media in sports however, as of now, is a huge obstacle to that end.


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