Jesse Alexadner Shramenko High School Graduation Photo

Hi, my name is Jesse Alexander Shramenko and I am planning on pursuing a degree in Video Production. I am 22 years old and am currently a junior. I am from Secaucus, New Jersey, and i’ve transferred here from Bergen Community College in August 2012. My hobbies include studying/reading/meditating on the Holy Bible, watching television, skiing, walking, and occasionally listening to music. I also enjoy eating food that tastes good, along with drinking water, “Arizona”-brand drinks, and hanging out with friends from time to time. I enjoy being on the move as long as I am focused on the right things and able to spare my feet, I feel it’s good to be in good shape about my doings and have a good mind-set to get things done and have a good dynamic with people and God. I would not mind being a camera man and/or Bible study teacher. I have enjoyed practicing the art of DJ-ing, singing and rapping in the past. Whatever it is I end up doing it is nice to know that I still am getting an education and that practice makes perfect. I am very glad that so far I have been blessed enough to have the time to figure things out by and by and still do. I hope to learn whatever I am supposed to in this class and do well in it. I certainly am not perfect, but wish to pass the class through honest and hard work.


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