Piece of Leanna

My name is Leanna Truong! I am a senior at Rutgers University- Newark! I am a double major for Journalism and Video Production (newly added). I transferred from San Diego, California.. I know what you are thinking. Why would she leave beautiful San Diego, CA for NEW JERSEY! Just so you all know that I grew up in Jersey majority of my life. I left Jersey when I was a sophomore in High School and moved back my sophomore year of college to RU-N. I love it here. The fast-paced atmosphere here in the east coast drives to me push harder and work hard for what I want. Don’t get me wrong, Cali was awesome, but not for college. I decided to become a Arts and Sciences major because if you get to know me, it really fits my personality. I am very outgoing, laid-back, goofy, dedicated and driven. I may come off as shy at first, but it really depends who I am talking to.

My main focus that I plan to do with my career is to do PR and Event Planning in the entertainment business.  I love the feeling of planning and executing all the hard work put into my events and programs. My goal when I am older is to become a CEO Communications Director for a high end well known company that can give me an experience that other would kill for… now that I think of it I wouldn’t mind putting my work into a up and coming company that I believe that will grow and do great things.

But the ultimate goal in life to eventually plan the Grammy’s and the Oscars! I get such a thrill with staying on my toes when working!

I hope to continue to work my way up the ladder and reach my goal! Feel free to come up to me to talk and hang out! I love to eat and go out in the city!

Feel free to come & talk to me. I am very open and outgoing!

Follow me!

Instagram & Twitter  @Trulexirene



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