Chapter 2:Practices of Looking

While reading through this chapter I found it quite interesting when it talks about taste and class. “Taste is informed by experiences relating to one’s class,cultural background,education,and other aspects of identity.” I’d have to agree with this because our taste comes from our society, what we see celebrities wearing or how they are acting. And of course to keep the classes from clashing, those celebrities wear clothing that are costly, to keep on top. You’ll hear any clothing designer wanting a celebrity to wear their piece of clothing so they can cross that “class border” and have their clothing become tasteful and wanted. Another idea I found interesting is appropriation. Appropriation means, (Google’s definition) ” the action of taking something for one’s own use, typically without the owner’s permission.” They take the word “queer” for example and how it was used to belittle gay people. But the gay community has turned the word into something positive and meaningful to them. I think that our society does that a lot because when there is a mass group, their large numbers can overturn the meaning. But I’m a bit confused as to how we, those of low culture can have taste when we are predestined not to have the “right” taste because of our class? Does that mean what we assume to be taste is because of what we see high culture wearing or because we want to go against their ideas and create our own? Image



-Ashley Carmenatty


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