– The Coolest Dude Ever

Oh….  Hi there.  My names Ulysses Achonye.  I am a Rutgers-Newark journalism major and music minor.  I was born in Oklahoma.  (Everyone seems to laugh at that and I don’t know why.)  I’m Nigerian.  I think I would say I am first generation Nigerian here because all my family is still in Africa.  My parents moved from Nigeria to Oklahoma, had me and my brother whose name is Lord.  (Yes L.O.R.D. !!!!!)  He also attends Rutgers-Newark and is a buisness major.  My parents then relocated to Bloomfield, New Jersey because of my dad’s job.

A couple things about me.  I started an internship at Maxim in NYC this semester.  It’s a lot of research but I’m making strides.  I hate flying and I can’t swim.  I freak out every time I’m  on a plane.  I have aerophobia.  I freak out everytime I fly.  I almost drowned swimming a couple times in my life which has messed with me forever lol…  I’m a Baltimore Ravens fan and Tracy Mcgrady is my favorite basketball player ever.  I produce, I like to make beats.  It’s a release for me and ultimately that is what I want to be.  I want to live in New York and make music for the people to enjoy.  Hot pockets are also the greatest creation ever…


Yup that’s basically me ^_^ Be sure to say hi, I don’t bite.




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