Images As We See Them

Edward Spitaletta

Images are something that capture the attention of someone who is observing it. It does not matter what the image is, we have the frame of mind to examine the image and understand what the image means to us. People have different opinions which is perfectly fine but the point is everyone sees an image as their own commodity. “We invest the images, we create the encounter on a daily basis.”( Sturken, Marita, and Lisa Cartwright ) The big selling point for our society has been big color images. There easy on the eye and catch the attention of the consumer as far as commercial products. Images are important in our society since we are always on the go as images paint the picture for our imaginations to process that information. It is very important to understand that consumer needs to see a detailed image of what it is they want to buy. Producers need to paint a picture and tell a story through their image and that is how they get the consumer to buy their product. The bigger companies have their own image which makes it easy for consumption by the public. Nike for instance has the swoosh logo which known on an international level. Nike has established themselves and one of the premier companies in the world and their image is known throughout the world.

Nike Logo

Nike Logo

Media especially social media has taken over as the lead source for all basic and import information. Now a days our society is build around the smartphone. We check our Twitter feeds, Facebook, and Instagram for all our information. Less and less people are watching the news and just simply getting their information from the smartphone. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because that is the way our society is leaning toward. The spectacle is the smartphone as we all know as these news channels now have apps that we can simply click on and get our news. It is easy since we live in an era where technology has taken over. For example Fox and Cnn are the most commonly used apps for basic news and information. Mass Media has changed our world, some say for the worst but many say it is a something they can get used too.

Apple Iphone 5

Apple Iphone 5

Popular Culture has influenced our society and continues to be the staple for music and images alike. For example top 40 is all over the radio on the most listened to stations. Music has taken a huge turn and now it all revolves on hits that can be featured on the radio. many artists are gearing toward a “one hit wonder” anything that can put them on the map. Another example of pop culture is the image of being sexy and thin as we spoke about in class. Models like the victoria secret women are the staple for what girls growing up want to look like. Beautiful and thin is the image that todays society looks for, which in some cases and be misleading. The media has a big influence on this subject as they continue to feature the good looking attractive men and women. Which leads into “the gaze” pictures are taken for memories but in pop culture the gaze is meant for sexy looks. That deep look into the camera and catch the attention of anyone looking at the image. The focus on the eyes are a big part of the gaze as it can light up the picture. It brings a certain meaning to the picture and the focus is on the individual.

Victoria Secret Models showing off their Gaze

Victoria Secret Models showing off their Gaze

Hegemony is the way we look a image and then picture that picture based on what is means. The sexual appeal has taken over the image world as many photos now have to do with sex appeal. If the image has a good looking women on it we tend to like that image a little more. Our society today advertises images based on sex appeal, take Abercrombie and Fitch for instance. They use to be a hunting company that so hunting gear and clothing. Now they have a appeal to high school and college students. How did they get their appeal? They use good looking models that have a sex appeal because they say that sex seels. Which in our society is entirely true, we cannot go to a clothing store and see a non appealing image because then we wouldn’t buy their cloths. We want to feel like how the models in the picture look because that is how our society is.

Sex Sells

Sex Sells

An object can looked at in many different ways whether it is a photo or a painting. We look at these images for pleasure to the eye something that can get our attention. We live in a society where objects are used to sell what that person is trying to depict in the image. Pedagogy is used for analyzing an image and for us to understand what that image means. Michelangelo’s  image of the sistine chapel is an image that people can learn that his art revolutionized the way we look at images. it “Represents” a true meaning of beauty and we can understand of someone can paint such a beautiful picture that still to this day is coveted as one of the greatest works of art of all time. It tells a true story which is what images are supposed to represent.

Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

Images always have a meaning whether it is a famous painting or a self portrait. It represents how the person wants to depict a story and shows the meaning how they are feeling. Art comes in many different forms and creates a theme to catch the attention of the consumer or the person looking at the image. Today’s society has taken the image and made it the vocal point to their advertisement or selling point. We have to understand that images create a story no matter how we look at them.


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Sturken, Marita, and Lisa Cartwright. 2009. Practices of looking: an introduction to visual culture. New York: Oxford University Press


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