Re-Image the Image

By Josh Spear

Hegemony turns out to be the “Influence of control over another social cultural ideological group [i]It can also be used in the control over the execution of a story or historical event,”[ii] It’s like hearing the story with a select choice of omissions to make the truth bend a particular direction. In “Practices of Learning” they show the truth behind the manliest cigarette on Earth “Marlboro Reds,” I myself have fell victim to machismo while smoking a Red, like a man! But to find out that before they took photographs of rugged dudes in rugged situations which made me feel like I was smoking the same cigarettes as miners and cowboys and men who wore original Levis. But no, I was smoking like a beautiful woman with lipstick to match my ciggies and I’m wearing a 1950’s mod dress while I do it, I can’t stop at a truck stop like this. I was basing my image of self on this and now I’m confused, good thing I stopped smoking.

Marlboro was pretending to make me into this guy but they were actually making me into this woman instead and I fell for it.

marlboroman                                                                                                               Image

Sexism: Prejudice or domination based on Sex & One version of object.[iv]I feel sexism can be used or not used to influence another’s decision about the particular person based on whether their male or female or transgender category or a particular type of human based on their appearance and or who and what they like to have sex with especially if the abuser is in  a power position and can make life effecting decisions while sexual prejudiced. [v]

Robert Mapplethorpe and Jack Wells and sexism, Image…(This Picture has been censored) I knew Jack Wells personally but casually from NYC nightlife and he has once said to my best friend Ethan while looking at this picture “That’s ma Dick!”[vi] He was always nice and hit on all of us straight guys once or twice and then when he realized we weren’t suppressing homosexuality he was cool and made a good wing-man for picking up chic’s at nightclubs. He always had young men around him and he was a sexual type of guy, he may have been objectified or just another beautiful person unabashedly letting it all hang out for art, but the viewer could easily turn this in to an objectification in the pornography of the Big Black *&^* and my white wife scenario constantly brought into certain decadent areas of current culture. The object is also a pop-culture icon of interwoven pedagogy of the threat and danger of the black penis which is something that Mapplethorpe obviously loved. If you’re a famous counter-culture and fashion photographer you’re going to be getting models naked and that’s just a fact.

Gaze- Some anxiousness that you are able to be viewed by those around you in an analytic and non-personal way.[vii] Bell Hooks explains the Gaze as a way of seeing another or the other from the perspective of an object or an outside human that has no connection to your version of reality and from the inside or out you may separate from them through physical and mental disconnection that enables or disables you to see the other because of their lack of similarity. [viii]    The Bell Hooks Video Again!        Image

In Popular Culture and Ways of looking bonded together here Barbra Kruger states “Is it not wrong to put an end to the structures that really matter, to whom they matter? Are this values and standards divine rule or the preference of archives, hierarchize, and capitalize through there omission and exclusions.”[ix] Through popular culture the common person who may not be able to afford a painting that is considered a cultural necessity to be part of the hierarchy. But they may be able to overcome and redefine the art with an Andy Warhol type of attack on the idols of familiarity and class and change the claim of it and make it a mass culture spectacle that has value in its existence and degeneration of what was proclaimed culture. To bring culture to a new beginning like Muhammad Ali did with his public refusal to do the status-quo with the draft.


The Spectacle & Consumer Consumption can be  brought together here start off with the functional “institutionalization  of the social division of labor in the form of class divisions had given rise to an earlier, religious form of contemplation’s: the mythical order with which every power has always camouflaged itself. Religion justified the cosmic and ontological order that corresponded to the interests of the masters, expending and embellishing everything societies could not deliver.”[x] The spectacle is the feeling of acquiring the item that will make you give you the feeling of completion, it is the exit from being pleased to be alive and be minimal and therefore more free as opposed to a television of a certain size, a smell or food item that takes you to the place on the bottle you can’t afford because your beaten down by the reality of the economy and your choices of what to purchase. This means that you should watch Americas got talent while they make abortion illegal so that they may have more workers and army solders that have nowhere to go for work and food. If you follow God’s rules and watch football, you will live a saintly life like your Jesus necklace signifies while the elite may ponder ways to get you to feel helped while being taken by a swindle. The promise of a Reality TV show that will give you eternal love and the fact that you can purchase a Singapore Sling instead of going to Singapore has pacified us. The love and balance you can find on singles web-sites has sold us love while staying fat at our desks alone .


Pedagogy defined as the art science or profession of teaching by Webster’s Miriam [xi] I found that in the spectacle you could put a twist on the teachings to give you control of what people believe to be correct knowledge from your view point. If I teach everyone math but not how to read and write I have a control over all others. The way Gustave LeBon showed me that the old and new ideas haven’t ended or began all the way and we shall always flux in new knowledge. Burning books, leaking information or informing people how healthy McDonald’s is and telling stories of white superiority to babies that could not even have had these thoughts on their own and wouldn’t know any other truth.[xii]        


With all the instruction and insight handed to us in the teachings and the crumbling protocols of the old regime opening up to a global platform, we should be able to alter and bring forward the new view from this moment and location. We now know that a person who is foreign to other might be objectified such as an American Indian of the past. [xiii] Since a person may be forced into position of representation for an entire culture and more the just themselves. Why not just force back like the new stock photos for mom’s program.




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