The Spectacle

We have heard the term “Image is everything” well we are living it. Our society is more visually driven than ever, and images are quickly becoming the building blocks of our social conversations. Like Bell Hooks said popular culture is  representation and the more we begin to look at these images, videos and other forms of media more critically, the more we begin to understand the way our society is evolving.

As Guy Debord says of  The Spectacle “The spectacle is not a collection of images; it is a relation between people this mediated by images.”

We are not only looking at these images, but we are living them.  Consumerism is “a social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in ever-greater amounts.”


as Gustave LeBon said ““We are bound to resign ourselves to the reign of the masses,” in other words, this lifestyle of believing that we are represented by our purchases. We begin to believe that the things we buy are a reflection or even a part of who we are. The consumer/ consumption relationship changes.

The ways in which we analyze these changes are an example of how our societal construct has forced us to change the way we view these situations. Popular culture becomes part of the conversation and in fact becomes the pedagogy that we use to learn.


Issues like racism and sexism are taught, via the things we see, consume and are surrounded with. Hegemony which is the influence or control of a dominant people, is in full force. Like in the image above sexual and racial hegemony are propelled and people are taught to internalize these new ideas of power.


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