No one man should have all that power

Humans perceive the world around them through their senses. The most important of these senses to most people would be the eyes if you take away someones sight most would be at a loss. It does not take a drastic measure such as the loss of sight to “SEE” the manipulation that goes on in our world. Hegemony is the ability to control an individual or groups state of mind by your actions to do this you need power which can be purposefully or accidentally given to a group from the masses. Ab-Soul in his song “Book of Soul” says “Don’t be dethroned by these systems of control/ Just keep your fingers crossed and get them locks off your soul” it is not until people open up and realize their is a power that influences what they consume that they will be able to see the true representation of the objects they desires

Representation according to practices refers to “the use of language and images to create meaning about the world around us”. The perfect example is the picture above Kanye West is one of the most talked about celebrities of the past generation. There are people that follow him around just to take pictures of him, his daughter, and his soon to be wife Kim Kardashian. The representations that are shown through the pictures create a meaning about the world around us. If Kanye wears something it has now become trendy. These trends are only created though the use of media and subliminal and “accidental” marketing. 

This creates the consumer/consumption model that we are so used to, Photographers in a sense adulterate “the gaze”,a look of extrospection, and see celebrities not as people who are coping through the world just as they are but as objects a piece that can be molded into their particular ideology. Then the envy that is created and the sense of “glamour” that individuals put on these celebrities creates a need to have what the celebrities have causing sometimes impulse consumption and materialism that is all too common.

Another form to control is through sexism woman are often portrayed as objects that can be had. This has become a main stay in popular culture in which sexism and objectification has become commercialized and some even use it as a way to make money. Like the saying goes “sex sells”. This purposeful sexism often creates a spectacle or a scene that reinforces which everyone can admire and accept as just a small part of our society or shun as an abuse of the system.



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