God or Logo

By Josh Spear

We have seen the modernization of war to include physiological, propaganda, advertising, man, woman, war, sex, and religion and it is all one cluster taking place over thousands of years. But aren’t we modern? Are we not the most evolved and isn’t sexism and racism and corporate manipulation and equality comfortable and harmless here in 2014, aren’t we in the future now?

If you believe in a God, Is it the correct God. Do your neighbors God’s not exist if they are different from yours, and do you care? But one culture’s God is another cultures art and even cartoon.  So many years ago different cultures lived and died by belief’s that God’s worked the weather and earth on their behalf if prayed to. People still go to war over religion or religion is often at the fore front of what makes people different in their beliefs and these differences facilitate war.

different Swastika

In with Guy Debord’s The Spectacle he explains religion not just as religion but as way to explain what’s going on as you continue a repetitive life while preforming institutional labors or living institutionalized lifestyles. He writes that the “institutionalization of the social division of labor in the form of class divisions had given rise to an earlier, religious form of contemplation’s: the mythical order with which every power has always camouflaged itself. Religion justified the cosmic and ontological order that corresponded to the interests of the masters, expending and embellishing everything societies could not deliver.”1 Can this help define how much we truly care or respect things to the limited degree that we do? How to we morph and soften a belief to fit our purposes and guilt levels.  We can then mix this with Pedagogy” the method and practice of teaching, esp. as an academic subject or theoretical concept.”2 Everything can be taught, but the overlooked aspect is the un-teaching, the relearning and the control of rewriting history and the reversing of people’s belief to accommodate another’s beliefs.


We were told in this class that Hitler and Sigmund Freud had read the Spectacle by our Professor Meredith Gonzales. 3Upon further research I found many repeats of the same information that Adolf Hitler’s had a deep understanding of The Spectacle. Hitler understood that the vision and presentation would illuminate the mind to see the package as an admirable strength and desire in itself. He began his surge after WWI as a politician and a showman. Hitler hired a private plane to fly around Germany. He was the first politician to do this. When he landed he had two Mercedes cars to carry him from place to place. This meant that he could speak in many towns on the same day. Hitler was always backed up by large numbers of disciplined and uniformed followers – this made it appear that he was a man who could take decisions and sort out Germany’s problems.4

An additional ingredient to the explanation of our lives continuing along without a stoppage of bad behaviors but a way to isolate ourselves in our heads from anyone strange to us or a stranger to us. This is best explained by Bell Hooks in her definition of the Gaze. “A way of seeing another or the other from the perspective of an object or an outside human that has no connection to your version of reality and from the inside or out you may separate from them through physical and mental disconnection that enables or disables you to see the other because of their lack of similarity.”5 Now that this has all been aligned let’s see how, Imagery , presentation, theories, and our attitudes towards others bring us from a peaceful swastika and a respect for Gods that we have now turned into superheroes all through spectacle, propaganda, and a touch of the view. Back in 1500–600 BCE the swastika was a symbol of peace not a logo of death. It was a time when they wrote in Sanskrit and Aryan met that you were dark. “Sanskrit is the classical language of Indian and the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. 6 The reason for addressing this is because the swastika was used five thousand years before Hitler by “major religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism and many cultures have used the swastika including the Chinese and Romans. Another symbol used by Odinism is Mjölnir which is the Hammer of the Norse God,”7 another symbol that has been abducted by current white-Aryan-white racists. Let’s ignore the racist and see what we, the good common people will do to another’s religion and symbols as we follow the gods and the swastika threw time to the present.






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