Sasha Pratt/ Blogpost 2


Advertising and Media

   The Drug Pushers of Today

Throughout culture shifts and revolutionary social change, media and advertising as always played a fundamental role of informing the masses. However, the need to inform, which once was the primary mission of many corporations has taken a back seat, and now the focus of the selling supremacy has become the chief agenda. Consumerism has replaced personal enlightened. Currently, the message conveyed is rather simple “why feed your intellect, when you can buy products that mask the lack of individual substance”.  This is creating generations that buy into falsehood that quick gratification, self-entitlement, and the glitz and glamour world of the elite becomes the essential memorandums of what is needed for self-growth.

Yes, we as a society have bought into the notion stated. Buy, Buy, and Buy more in order to display your status. However, the truth of the matter remains that a particular disconnect between media and the consumer do exists. Advertisements seldom highlight the reality behind many social issues that plague society as a whole, the facts are camouflaged through images that depicted a fantasy world that all can take part in, when statistically speaking only a select few are truly part of. More so, advertising companies are feeding into the insecurities of their buyers’ club (consumers), and there by reinforcing many stereotypes of popular culture that are negative in connotation.

Such, reinforced negative stereotypes of women, men, culture, and particular groups are creating insolation amongst the masses instead of a communal environment, the consumer is left overall with a self-hating mindset, which in turn can manifest into hatred of others, and yet ads would prefer that we believe otherwise. Furthermore, advertisers harmfully market such self-destructive activities towards the consumer stating that these are healthy behaviors to embody. Repeatedly both women and men are exposed to the aggressive campaigns of such ads that glamorize women as mere sex toys for men, the obsession with thinness and youth, and so forth.

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that consumers still buy into the hype. The stronghold that has remained prevalent over the buyer by advertising conglomerate are highly visible. The dilemma with fitting-in and obeying to the normalcies of popular culture has left us in catatonic state of existence and denial about what is actually occurring within the supply and demand arena. Even though we are hailed as the majority and the primary, that label whitewashes what is true. The buyer, has relinquish that power and placed in the hands of corporations, we are allowing the bombardment of facades to dictate the manner in which our lives should be conducted, instead of boycotting and standing up to those that feed us lies of healthy self-image.

So how can the transferal of power transpire, how can we reclaim the right to control what is placed before us? The solutions are not as simple as we would deem it to be, because undoubtedly the majority would be competing against a certain percent of tycoons, the 1% of elite that carries with them the influence and collateral to sway the masses. Until society becomes tired and takes action toward embargoing such groups, there is not much we can do, except by continuing to spread the word.


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