Benjamin Nazario || Mid-term Proposal : Art Is More

Benjamin Nazario

Prof. Goncalves

Imagery & Culture


Midterm Presentation: Art Is More



            For my final presentation I have decided to focus on the theme of stereotypes. Throughout the first half of the class we have discussed stereotypes in wide spectrums. Whether it is women in media, men in media, blacks, whites, or Native Americans we have discussed how each one of these groups has a certain stereotype that does not portrays who they really are. I personally see this a lot with artists as well. Since I am an artist myself I live this life everyday, seeing people who are majoring in business or finance who are attempting to be a lawyer or an accountant look down on me for pursuing art as a, dare I see it, career. To several people art is seen and understood in this world to be nothing more than a hobby. Now to this class it might seem strange for me to bring this up since most people here are most likely doing something with art in their lives. But many artists I know say the same thing; people look down on art and more specifically artists and simply think that we won’t be as successful as the everyday businessman or the doctor. Even in the past few months President Obama made a speech that in a way said that art was not as important as other majors in college. Here is how Philip Kennicott of the Washington Post put it, “So art history majors are now just a punch line for the President, who encouraged young people at a gathering in Wisconsin to consider getting skilled in a trade because they could earn more ‘than they might …[with] an art history degree.’”

            So with my specialty in video production, which is considered a fine art. I have decided to create a short video on this theme of stereotypes and title it “Art Is More.” I have already started the hash tag on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Art is more is simply a short and easy way of saying art is more than what people think it is. Many people think art is simply a hobby, art is for children, and art is not a career of success. But in my eyes, I see art as being much more than that. This is what I will be showing in this video, now the video is going to have some voiceovers in it, but it is mostly driven by visuals. A combination of a painter (Natalie Nazario), a graffiti artist (John Graden), a violinist (Natalie Hall), a ballet dancer (Bobbi Barricella), and a freestyle hip-hop dancer (Frank Barcelos) will all be seen during this video. The video will be edited very specifically to a certain sound track. Each person signifies a different part of art, whether it is music, dance, physical art such as paint, or rebellious art such as graffiti painting. I am here to show that each one of these represent art, and each one of these people can and will be just as successful as the next doctor or the next lawyer. We are artists, we see the world different from anyone else, and at the end of the day art is what keeps this world sane, this is what I will be expressing in my final project. Below is a brief shot list of what to expect when the clips are cut to the song.

Image              Image








 Brief Shot List:

** This shot list is subject to change.

The actual song starts at 0:08.


0:08 – 0:19 : Black screen. (Possibilities – Sound bite from President Obamas speech about how art is not as important as other majors in college. Along with VO’s of each actor/actress stating a negative comment they have received in their life about art, i.e. “Art is just a hobby.”)

0:20 – 0:41 : Introduction of each actor/actress. All at separate times.

0:42 – 0:52 : Quick shots of each artist preparing to create their own version of art. (Dancers stretching, Painters getting paint ready, Violinist setting up violin.) 

0:52 – 0:53 : Black screen.

0:54 – 1:45: Montage of each artist creating art in their own way.

1:45 – End : Each artist in front of their “art” simply stating “Art Is More.”

Fade Out.


Ideas That I am not sure about:

–       I am thinking of taking the segment from Obamas Art History dis video and putting the audio on during the beginning black screen.

–       I am also thinking of adding some voiceovers to the beginning segment of each artist saying one thing that they have heard someone say about art. (i.e. Art is a hobby, Art will never be your career, Art is pointless.)

–       On the flip side I am thinking of adding voiceovers of each artist stating that art is more than what people think. (i.e. Art is MORE than a hobby, Art is MORE than decorations, Art is MORE successful then people think.)

–       I am not sure about each these ideas and wanted to bring these up to the class to see what other people thought.


Information Needed:


Washington Post on President Obama –

“Elevated” By: The Secession –

Hash tag – #ArtIsMore

Obama Slights Art History –


Benjamin Nazario

Imagery & Culture

24 March 2014  



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