Gentrify Newark in Full Effect

With the title of Downtown Newark being changed to the “Central Business District,” as opposed to simply, Newark blows ones mind. Their is a reason for it and I am going to take an intense look at the effects gentrification in Newark.  I will be interviewing different business owners and asking them important questions about how they feel in regards to to the change in Newark.  This will be in blog form and I will write about my experiences while posting well edited videos shot by me of my ventures. I will identifiy which businesses were kicked out as opposed to bought out. I will give a sample of the cost of living in a luxury loft while shopping at whole foods. I will also compose man on the street- like interviews where I speak with citizens of Newark. This may become a bit intense with the Newark locals considering many have mixed emotions about some of the up coming projects. With Joes Crab Shack already stacking its claim, a new Whole Foods Grocery store, Dave and Busters, and Chipotle grille it is happening right in front of our eyes.


I spoke with Sonja Morris, a Newark Public School teachers Aid. “The Whole Foods is not for us.  They don’t care if we starve! They want this city back and unfortunately we are have to hand it over. Corey Booker did that.” search-5

To blame one mayor for politics that have been ongoing in Newark for years is ridiculous, but this is how the people feel. Not as well informed about certain facts while absolutely correct about  others, the people pf Newark deserve to be heard. The process in it self must be documented. Below are sample videos of how I will conduct my interviews and place them in video format on my blog.


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