Awhile ago I had a conversation with a grown African-American male.  He’s a mentor to me you can say.  Well at least after that conversation he became one too me.  He touched on a wide array of topics and it truly touched me deeply on another level.

My final  project would basically to bring these topics up and talk about how they affected my life personally and describe the culture in the black community.  The topics were real and I could really relate to them.  For instance, he see’s more a lot of people my age in the homeless shelters around newark.  You would think it’s mostly old people in homeless shelters.  He said back then, your mom throwing you out/moving out of your mom’s house was the best thing to happen to you.  1 it helped you become a man by moving out and 2 a lot of these people’s parents were fiends.  It made me think of my friend Dee.  We were good friends in the 6th grade.  I thought about him because his parents were never around and he lived with his grandmother.  All I remember is that his mom just left him there when he was young.  I thought about why?  I put two and two together and that must be because she was on drugs.  What parent leaves their kid with someone else unless their life isn’t right.  He had no guidance coming up.  His grandmother couldn’t raise him, she could barely move.  Dee wound up going to jail and last I heard, he was selling drugs at a high rate.


He talks about how his nephew that is/was coddled by his mother.  Now all of a sudden his mother wants him to move out and even went as far as to change the locks on him one night.  (She eventually went back and let him in and he is presently living with her.)  He also brought up a cousin of his who lived in his mother’s house until the day he died.  He also says he see’s a lot of old grown men right in downtown newark 60 years old pushing their mother’s stroller who’s 80.  They probably never left the house.   He also said you don’t have to worry about daughter’s they’ll move out the first chance they get.  I thought about what he said and it’s true.  Raising your daughter, your a little more stricter on her then you are a guy.  You tell your daughter, “Where are you going wearing those clothes, you better change.  You can’t be out too late, be home by this time.  You better not be hanging out with no boys.”  Etc, etc.  If I were a female, I would want to move out the first chance I get because of all these rules.  It’s kinda sexist how we raise kids.

Essentially, I’m going to chop up parts of his interview, put it in a youtube video and as he is talking I’m going to have a black screen with white letters as subtitles for what he’s saying.  Then I’m going to switch it to a video of me talking about topics in what he said in his interview and talk about how resonates with me in my life and tell stories.



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