Mid-Term Proposal on #Selfie

The selfie or photograph in which, the photographer is also the subject of the photo has hit a stride thanks to social networking. Facebook, Instagram and the less relevant now, MySpace have given legs to this phenomenon is ways popular culture has yet to acclimate itself to. Brands are being built, celebrities are being brought into the palm of our hands and vanity might be at it’s all time high but that is the culture we are creating and the culture the people demand: more celebrity selflies; with cute kittens and puppies, topless, backstage, washing their car, food shopping, and countless other mundane activities.

In an editorial by James Franco he summed up the everyday selfie well, “Now, while the celebrity selfie is most powerful as a pseudo-personal moment, the noncelebrity selfie is a chance for subjects to glam it up, to show off a special side of themselves — dressing up for a special occasion, or not dressing, which is a kind of preening that says, ‘There is something important about me that clothes hide, and I don’t want to hide.'”


For the final I’m creating a video, a hybrid of these:


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Matthew Cole

Professor Goncalves

Imagery and Culture


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