Pro/Draft/List Semester Post

Josh Spear

My intentions for the final project is to follow media and common cultural behaviors from Mesopotamia to the current times in my mission to help the evolution of societal and problematic behaviors and patterns ranging from genocide to eating disorders. My object is to expose the lines that are crossed between right and wrong and the many levels of depths within those lines, including religion being used properly and improperly. To show how the global presentation and the consistent hammering away of Pepsi and Coke is an extension of psychology and a blurred line of sponsorship between funding culture while helping to brand culture like a mothers scent on her child. Is that entertainment? Or the cross over between money and power and control of the crowd makes me ask is Red-bull soda funding space exploration or selling energy drinks or both, this isn’t new it’s been happening since the theatrical plays of Shakespeare’s England and the Gladiator fights of Rome. Is it the government providing joy for a hardworking community or a way to keep the masses from thinking about working too hard or lacking work? I will subjectively deal with the complete loss of humanity through consumer culture and the pros and cons of sex and the many levels from celibacy and prude behavior to overt exposures and pornography. I’d also like to show how we have made it from the telegraph to the video screen phone so fast and how each group believes themselves to be the most advanced yet what is advanced. I will present slides to give a visual walk through the connections that tie the past to the present.

Below is a silent example of the future intention and the presentation from the previous posting


Some of the resources explored


  1. Debord, Guy. “Society of the Spectacle.” (1977)
  3. Professor Meredith Gonzales
  5. Hooks, Bell. Representing whiteness in the black imagination. Routledge, 1992.”Sanskrit Alphabet, Pronunciation and Language.” Omniglot. Web. 28 Apr. 2012. <;.
  6. Bentley, Jerry H. Old World Encounters: Cross-cultural Contacts and Exchanges in Pre-modern times. New York: Oxford UP, 1993. Print
  7. “Martin Luther: The Jews and Their Lies.” Jewish Virtual Library. Web. 29 Apr. 2012. <;.
  8. Rosenberg, Jennifer. “The Yellow Star.” 20th Century History. Web. 29 Apr. 2012. <;.




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