Midterm Blog Proposal

For my semester project I want to take this whole notion of how girls and women have evolved into thinking that advertisements and magazines of what women look like for example like on the cover of vogue is what defines beauty and what they should look like. My project relates to the role of media because everywhere we go there are always magazines and advertisements around us in which we cannot escape from because it is just right in front of our faces. Media influences our everyday life weather at times we might not think about it, which is also a social issue to society in general. However my main focus will be on again women and young girls.

So for my semester project I will be making a blog and using pictures and videos to show this evolution of advertisements and magazines depicting and seeing how much it has changed over time and what is it like now, and with the pictures and videos I will also be describing in detail how it has transformed into this big issue of what beauty is now. One short example would be “Advertisements during the 1960’s were depicting women as picture perfect housewives, which became quite damaging to the fragile and impressionable American women. Once the Women’s Movement began, however, magazines, such as Reader’s DigestLadies’ Home JournalWoman’s Home Campaign, and Life Magazine started supporting women’s rights and equality” (Walker, 1998). Then I will talk about again the transformation of beauty and its history, how women are portrayed, the effects of advertisements and magazines can have on women and young girls. So finally again with my semester project I will have a wide range of history from around the 1960’s to 2014 on the evolution of how what being beautiful was and now is.





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