Midterm Proposal



As reality television becomes increasingly popular, the image of women is being tarnished. Since the 1990’s, beginning with the first reality tv show The Real World, women have been exploited and old (and obviously wrong) stereotyped have been reinforced, shaping the way a lot of young girls are thinking. When people watch reality television, they believe they are seeing the true depiction of reality, therefore they believe that all women are or should be like the ones on television.


For my final project I would like to further dissect the world of reality t.v and find out what impact it has on its viewers, both men and women and how their perception of women change or remain the same after watching some clips of reality TV such as 16 and Pregnant, Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Real World, and so on. I will also compare and contrast the evolution of reality t.v from the beginning to now and focus on where the future of this type of television is headed. This will all be displayed in video format ranging from clips of the t.v shows to reactions and opinions of every day working individuals to the comparisons that I found between then and now.













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