Midterm Proposal #NIKE

What I will to accomplish with this final project is a breakdown of exactly how a customer reacts to media more importantly commercials. What I want to look at exactly is the thought process of a consumer, and how they are unknowingly affected when a advertisement is strategically placed in between a television program. Many questions will have to be answered concerning how important the time and which channel the commercial is aired on, what demographic they are trying to attract with this product, and how effective the visual message is received by the consumer. Through this final project I will examine exactly how the media and big corporations try to control the free will process coercing us as to which products to buy. I will also look into how commercials affect the thought process when we are not watching television, and how the messages carry into our daily lives.
The second part of my final semester project will be to spoof Nike, and show how they portray they’re athletic products to be superior in all aspects to other manufacturers. My personal visual will start off with a depiction of a consumer with a non-Nike running product which is unable to complete the most basic of athletic tasks. The commercial will then shoot to a famous Nike branding campaign “Nike Better” and how they reinforce these ideals to anyone thinking of participating in athletic activity. I will also try to examine the notoriety of the Swoosh, the use of world class athletes, and as to why most commercials feature individuals who are already fit. I will also examine the demographics Nike targets when they show certain ethnic groups participating in certain sports. I will try to analyze through a mixture of my own visuals and well known Nike campaigns how they attempt to brain-wash consumers to come to the realization that there is no other athletic brand suitable to compete in the sportswear field.



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Evan LeBlanc


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