Midterm Proposal

Jedd Kristjan Marquez

My final project will be based on interviewing women and asking them questions about their self-confidence, due to the interest I gained in how advertisements affect these women. I am going to be asking them on a scale of 1-10 how confident or insecure they are about their body, taking a picture of them holding up a sign with the number they chose, as well as giving them a short interview regarding questions about their body, how they feel about the sexist advertisements, and why they chose the number. I will be picking these people (about 5-10) randomly from Newark and the city I’m from, and conducting these interviews within the next few weeks.I will be connecting this to some of the readings we have read and discussed in class, specifically the ones regarding the women in advertising.

In starting this project, I asked one of my close friends how they felt about their body. She told me that in her opinion, her, and other girls are honestly looking up to Victoria Secret models, and are trying to make themselves look like them through means of exercise, or even starving themselves. She felt that these models that everyone sees on television or on advertisements “set standards as to what others feel should be conventional or normal”.








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