The imaginary beauty (Midterm Blog Proposal)

For my semester project, I will be exploring the use of photoshop in mass media and will question the affects of how it generates a fictions, unattainable idea of beauty and how that idea of beauty, negatively alters young women’s’ perceptions of themselves. I will then create my own, “culture jam” magazine and use actual young women in a positive light to reveal the natural beauty that each and every person has within themselves. I will not use photoshop to make them skinnier, taller, or lighter skinned. I will only make the images aesthetically pleasing in an artful and photographic way with presents on LightRoom 5. My magazine name is called “Bella” Magazine because Bella in Italian means beautiful and the beauty that I am capturing in these young women is something photoshop cannot create. I have written a paragraph that will be on the front page of my magazine to help people understand what my magazine is actually trying to justify. 


“Bella Magazine is a semester project I’m working on for school. It will be a magazine that promotes body positive images and aid teen girls and young women of all sizes, religions, and nationalities, that true beauty is within. Everyday, young girls and women are exposed to images in the media that depict a certain represented body type which alters their ideas of beauty. These young girls and women then try to obtain this idealized body that the media has created, by going on diets, which can harm their bodies and some unfortunately,even stop eating all together. All of that just so they too can feel and be identified as beautiful. The media has distorted beauty in a way so that it isolates each and every person and suggests that only a fraction of our society is fortunate enough to be beautiful. And with this notion they sell, they do not revel the truth, photoshop. To create these intimidating yet fabricated images of true beauty, they use photoshop to omit the imperfections, or what I call, the essence of what makes someone unique. But fortunately enough for us, we are in a unique and aware period of time where our concerns are perceived; where we all have the ability to assemble and find other people with our similar opinions and interests. It is time for us to communicate our concerns to the media about their delusional idea of beauty. Because true beauty is like magic, once you realize it is within you, life seems so much more inspiring and dazzling.”

What I’m having difficultly with is the young women feeling uncomfortable about themselves while taking photos of them, of course my job as the photographer is to make them feel beautiful but even before they saw the photos they were talking about their weight, their skin complexions and the imperfections of their face and overall body image. Here are a few photos I took during spring break ( note: Facebook distorts the quality)




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