The impact of Asians in American Media


For my final project, I am tackling iconic Asians in American media and the impact they have. I’ll be focusing on TV, Films, and Web Content. We’ve talked a lot about stereotypes in media in class but in this case I don’t believe it’s a bad thing. For example, the argument that most Asians in movies are martial artists, well the fact is that Asians were the ones who brought that to American media. The first martial arts films originated in Hong Kong and people like Bruce Lee who brought that over to America spawned a love for martial arts in films across the nation. I’m probably going to be doing a vlog type presentation with clips and images and what not. There are a variety of different influential Asians in American media that I can use as examples. I will explore them in my project, but for now my examples include already stated, Bruce Lee, Far East Movement, and from the Youtube community, Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions.


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