The Nationstate of Tumblr|Jay A. Patel

Tumblr is by far one of the craziest websites you can ever find yourself on. It is a website that started around 2007 and now consists of over 220 million blogs. I have one of them. The reason it’s crazy is because of the immense diversity on the site; it puts Rutgers Newark to shame. But that’s besides the point.



The above image is actually the best, most accurate description of the die hard Tumblr user. Now don’t get me wrong, I use the website myself but not for Social Justice. I don’t want to be the Internet’s Batman. I’d rather stick to my reblogs of food and cats and movie posters and such. Tumblr has gone from a simple image hosting website to this think tank of people voicing their opinions on things they believe to be facts or ideals they feel are just.

Here are just a few things that Tumblr users love to talk about:






This is just to name a few.

Here’s the problem. Tumblr has become the voice of the voiceless but sometimes those voices are stupid. A lot of these users on Tumblr are impressionable to another level. They believe everything on Tumblr even when they get proven wrong. That’s the problem I want to address. The lack of common sense on Tumblr.

I want to address this lack of common sense in a series of vlog posts. I will then take these vlog posts and put them on Tumblr, where the ever growing Nationstate will rip them to shreds, because I’m right. Via these vlog posts I want to explore how impressionable these users are, I want to talk about the attention they give to certain topics and ideas (such as the problems of another country), and the very nature of the website in itself.

My goal isn’t to change anyone on Tumblr. My goal is to conduct a social experiment, to see just how far Tumblr users are capable of going with their ways of thinking and just how many people truly believe everything they see on the Internet.






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