#TheFWord is a component of my blog Understanding Feminism For The Non Feminist. Understanding Feminism for The Non-Feminist is a website dedicated to redefining the ideology associated with feminism in today’s popular culture. In our society, young women are usually too afraid or embarrassed to identify as feminists because of the negative connotations that are associated with the term. However, Understanding Feminism aims specifically at debunking those inadequate perceptions in the pursuit of building communities where women are seen as valuable figures, instead of second class citizens. #TheFWord is inspired by a photo based project titled I, Too, Am Harvard.



Image via Itooamharvard.tumblr.com

Image via Itooamharvard.tumblr.com

The photo project is used to refute stereotypical notions and ideas about African American students at the prestigious college. Other projects that inspired the creation of #TheFWord are both video project. The first one is  titled “You Don’t Own Me” which is a video PSA about voting and women’s rights. (Below)

The second one is titled “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like”

#TheFWord will be similar to both projects, the premise of the project is to help dispel stereotypical notions of feminism/feminists by displaying images of self proclaimed feminists, declaring why they aren’t afraid to identify as feminists and ultimately why they aren’t afraid of #TheFWord.

By showcasing different women, who are not afraid to openly identify as feminists it helps generate conversation and ultimately break the mold surrounding feminism and the word “Feminist”

The project has a social media component, people can send in their images through Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #TheFWord, and #UnderstandingFeminism. The photo project will be showcased on the site Understanding Feminism For The Non Feminist, and the site’s Twitter page.



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