What the Heck is Going On?


by Kristine Villanueva

This blog is from last semester, but I’ve come to realize that blogging could be a full time job. Instead of breaking news stories or time sensitive topics, I want to touch up more on scrutinizing the media and analyzing it. I don’t want to get rid of the news aspect, however, but I feel that understanding the media and its nature is also important for news consumption – especially in an internet dominated era in which young people read without checking sources or arguably worse – read from a good source and still not know what the heck is going on.

People of Generation Y will eventually dominate and control the media landscape, it’s contents, it’s “news”. Often times as a journalist, I’m told that people of my generation will become the future. But it’s not just limited to the producer. Consumers must also understand where their news is coming from. For example, one post I’ve written about Sochi, talks about sexism in the Olympics, especially with NBC’s, coverage.

We don’t even understand our social media habits. I’ve also written another post about the selfie (which I will also revist), to dissect it.  I also hyperlink all of the articles I dissect so people can dive into further research.


And of course, I’ve written about politics – because that’s important too.

I’ve gathered a decent following on both Facebook and Tumblr. People enjoy reading the blog because it’s written in an entertaining way, while still being informative and easy to follow. I’m also an aspiring journalist who not only tries to understand the mediascape but will also hope to change it.

Resources so far include:

The Atlantic

The Associated Press

USA Today

ABC News


Washington Post


Star Ledger

LA Times

NY Times


Political Freak Show

Breaking News

Pew Research

The Independent

The Guardian

The Daily Beast


NPR Fresh Air

The Nation

National Post


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