Google Vs Apple

Edward Spitaletta

As we all know apple hit the scene with a tremendous boom and had their audience wanting to buy their products. It all started in 1984 and Apple shocked the world with it’s new computer. It ended up revolutionizing the entire industry, IBM at the time had the hold on the computer world but people weren’t completely satisfied. IBM knew what was coming and that was the monstrous idea that Steve Job’s had in creating what would become the most popular electronic item.

steve jobs

The Macintosh went on to become the computer of choice of every person no matter who they were. The perfect computer that targeted not only companies but the average person. Apple was headed to sweep the nation and take hold on the computer electronics market. Unfortunately, they then they didn’t have the right mind set and due to that Microsoft flourished, spreading their product all over at a low cost for the public.

In any any event Apple has flourished over the past 20 years and has made a major impact in the electronics world. Many companies tried to keep up with apple but they simply cannot match the brilliance of the late Steve Jobs. The innovation of the iMac, iPod, Macbook, and many more has had the consumer in a frenzy to buy their product. This all great but has Apple slipped up since the death of the great Steve Jobs? Don’t get me wrong Apples products are amazing I own just about all of them but has their product stayed the same instead of improving?

While Apple is staying stagnant Google on the other has taken a huge leap toward what apple did 15 years ago. Googles strive for excellence teaming with new android has put them on top of Apple. Consumers are now looking to buy Android based products because the design and technology has immensely improved. The innovation of google glass will change the way we look at the world and it will only get better for the company. Their ideas are what Apple has been lacking since Since Jobs.



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