Semester Project Proposal

By Rodrigo Valencia

Let’s take a moment to analyze technology and its effects on social interaction. The type of interaction that we see today is no longer the same as it was in the past. Nowadays everyone is influenced by technology some type of way, making it an essential part of daily lifestyle. The children of today are completely involved in the full integration of technology in the way we live and survive. I am pretty sure that everyone has that younger family member who knows how to work their tablet better than any adult. You go on social networks such as the well-known app “Vine” and see kids making videos and getting the most out of technology like it has never been seen before. 6-year-old Terio is the perfect example of kids that have taken over social networks and gained popularity. Below is a compilation of some his 6 second vines that made him famous.

It only took a smartphone and 6 seconds of his time for this Atlanta first-grader to go from being a normal silly kid playing around in his neighborhood to becoming a new child celebrity who is now seen next to popular rappers. This is when social interaction comes into play, where the younger generation has lost the essence of living and going out to experience real-life situations themselves in a consumer society where most of the tasks are accomplished right at home in front of a screen.

My commercial is going to focus on this change in social interaction, starring an 18 year old and his grandmother who are doing the complete opposite of what the viewer expects. I want my ad to complete its task of triggering the audience’s imagination through imagery that appeals to their eyes and conveys a message about technology and its effects on social roles and social norms.

Still, my project goes beyond the commercial. The topic discussed above about the relationship between technology and social interactions is just what the short video is going to contain, but in order to connect it back to class I am also going to make a separate presentation about the way we look at images specifically referring back to my commercial and advertisement in general. The artwork below is a piece done by René Magritte, who once said, “What one must paint is the image of resemblance—if thought is to become visible in the world.”


This piece is found in John Berger’s book titled, Ways of Seeing, where he analyzes this idea of image resemblance and how the way we see things is affected by our background knowledge on what an image might be portraying.  This irony and sarcasm used in my commercial is what’s going to put John Berger’s theories into effect, and that’s what I hope to accomplish.



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