Please be prepared to present your projects to the class in approximately 5-7 minute presentations. Visuals are a must. Feel free to bring physical props and handouts if appropriate.
**You must create a POST for your final project – a link to your project, a summary, images and or videos. Please be sure to discuss how you plan to disseminate/distribute your project. You will present using/from your post – this will be much easier.
ALL projects are due on 4/22 on the blog including resource lists and summary. Print projects, papers, zines etc must be physically handed in to me on 4/22.
-summary on the blog along with images and any videos
-link to your project (including pdf projects)
-presentations (5-7 minutes) will be from your blog post or linked directly from the post PLEASE TEST THIS BEFORE ARRIVING IN CLASS YOUR PRESENTATIONS WILL BE TIMED

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