Women and Media Ownership Blog Post 3

In the media ownership field women have had a difficult time getting their media recognized or taken seriously. This is because in the world of media it is completely male based leaving little to no room for women to come out and freely express their ideas and thoughts; and when their thoughts are taking under consideration women have to worry if their media will be changed or depicted in a way that they did not originally want it to be. For an example, in the article Videos by Debra Zimmerman she discusses women who are film makers and how many women choose not to have their films in film festivals because they fear that their work will be altered and ghettotized.   As a result, many women in the media field do not have the same confidence, encouragement, or acceptance that men do when it comes to producing media.

Today they are organizations however, which empowers and encourages women in all media. The organization that I picked to discuss is the Alliance for Women in Media. Alliance for Women in Media (which was originally named in American Women in Radio in Television) is a non-profit organization that was created in 1951 “as a successor to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) women’s division. NAB voted approval of the new organization, offering complete cooperation and assistance. The following year, more than 280 women gathered to celebrate and approve the structure of American Women in Radio in Television (AWRT). In 2010, the organization changed its name to the Alliance for Women in Media, in order to better represent our commitment to women in all forms of electronic media” (allwomeninmedia.org). Alliance for Women in Media became the first professional broadcasting organization to be established as an educational foundation in 1961. This organization supports the following: scholarships that benefit the public, charitable activities, educational programs, and the media and allied fields. The goals of Alliance for Women in Media organization is working to “improve the quality of media, promote the entry, development and advancement of women in media and allied fields, create content that engages people in dialog about the need of diversity and representation in the media industry and related professions; and create or highlight campaigns that fuel societal progress” (allwomeninmedia.org).


Alliance for Women and Media have partnerships with other big organizations such as, American Red Cross, The Emma Bowden Foundation, and National Middle School Association and Empowering America which is a foundation that donates money to poor urban middle schools around the country. Alliance for Women and Media are known also the Gracie Awards annually in New York City. At the Gracie Awards “programming created by women, for women, about women”(Sonia, Saraiya) are honored by the Alliance for Women and Media.


What I like most about the Alliance for Women in Media organization would be the Gracie awards. The fact that this foundation honors women in media gives the message that women do belong in media just as much as men do. It also can help steer women away from discouragement when it comes to media as well. The Gracie awards are very empowering and just like the Reel Girls Media Consolidation it will help young women see that it is possible for them to achieve their goals in media.




Women struggle the most with getting the credit that they deserve. Alliance for Women in Media however, has made ways to open doors for women and honored them for their achievements. Their uplifting foundation has given recognition to all of the hard work that women in the media industry have done. This is why Alliance for Women in Media should be considered an alternative media source.

Alliance for Women in Media is successful because not only does it successfully empower women to achieve their goals within media it also helps support diversity within media ownership. Also this organization has other campaigns such as the self-esteem campaign that helps raise the awareness among young and adult females of how having good self-esteem is beneficial. Scholarships from Alliance of Women in Media which include internet safety and Gracie Scholars were successful in helping women have successful role models and achieve goals in their education and careers making this foundation a great establishment to have.



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