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The Media Industry is a collaboration of corporations that have dominated the American media landscape. Not only do these companies own the major and minor news outlets, advertising, and Public Relations firms, but they dictate what viewers see, hear, and read -from publication to distribution, these companies dictate the American culture today.

According to Common Cause Foundation: “Currently, six major companies control most of the media in our country. The FCC could decide to relax media ownership rules, which would allow further consolidation and put decisions about what kinds of programming and news Americans receive in even fewer hands.” – See more at:

But this fact overrides the basic right of “freedom of speech” and our right to know the truth.”It is the purpose of the First Amendment to preserve an uninhibited marketplace of ideas in which truth will ultimately prevail, rather than to countenance monopolization of that market, whether it be by the Government itself or a private licensee. It is the right of the public to receive suitable access to social, political, esthetic, moral, and other ideas and experiences which is crucial here. That right may not constitutionally be abridged either by Congress or by the FCC.” –U.S. Supreme Court in the landmark 1969 case of Red Lion v. FCC – See more at:

Knowing this, is it fair, what the media owners are displaying, the culture and the ideas they are projecting. In terms of an example: the basic idea of the role of women. Let’s face it, even after women received their basic voting rights, and equal employment rights, they are still neglected and discriminated. The media clearly has formed a distorted image of women, and how they are supposed to act. Not only are they ignored in mainstream media, but often held to great scrutiny, when they fail to perform in a certain way.

The example I am going to explain is the rising feminist culture in Bollywood. The first video explains the greater role women are playing in directing and producing and the roles they are taking in movies.

Example: Women in Bollywood

The second example is a feminist movie that recently released in Bollywood, that stars two women in leading roles opposite each other. One is the protagonist and the other the antagonist.

According to the article, It’s Time For Change; Womanhood of Bollywood Taking The Lead!, “When asked about the role of women in the Bollywood industry, the Gulaab Gang ‘dabang’ lady, Madhuri Dixit said, “I am happy to see that women are now seen playing roles of real people on the screen rather than just being fit into some slots. It’s definitely a good era for women in Bollywood as there are now new directors coming up with sensibilities.”

“As a matter of fact, this trend of making women centric movies in Bollywood was felt since recent past with films like The Dirty Picture, Heroine, Fashion, Ishqiya, Kahani, etc. Nonetheless, it is evident that things are changing favourably for the charming ladies in B-town, however it has to go a long way as even top Bollywood heroines are still not lucky enough to be at par with their male counterparts in terms of both remuneration and recognition.”

Read more at:

It’s definitely true that even men are starting to embrace women in more of a powerful role, and although we have a long way to go, women are not just extra candy added for an extra spice -masala, as they call it in Bollywood.

See more at:


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