Mass Media (The stronghold of mega companies within a freedom seeking society)

It is of recent decades that conglomerate mainstream news conveyers have become dictators in the manner in which they feed the globalized and national events of any given culture, nation, and country. Before the hostile takeover, mainstream media actually embodied free speech a long with fact checking to inform the masses of un-documented unjust and corruption within society as whole. Even the free sharing of ideas which had been a crucial part in bringing to together of groups of liked minded individuals are now under a tightfisted and monitored sanction of big name branding corporations.

Unfortunately, free is longer a word that the common person can toss around when having discourse about worldly or even nation based topics due to the control of what is broadcasted in all media outlets. We are now force-feed what is deemed news worthy rather than what an individual considers to be of importance. With this a subculture has manifest and rear its ugly head, highlighting what exactly in the near future will be normalcy, and with that creating generations of miss-informed, disconnect, hyper violent and highly insecure individuals.

What does that mean, well overall a rift will be created where as big money will become the voice that speaks for age brackets of all spectrum of civilization. Allowing the minority to be muffle and all together censored. Thereby undergoing a perpetual cycle of the accepted and the outcast system, two groups that will then turn upon each other by buying into the false propaganda of the elite male dominated group of individual that control what we hear, see, watch, and intake from media.

Why should we be troubled by this, picture a world where as you are no longer a part of based solely, on material goods, appearance acceptability, gender and racial inequality, which today most of humanity faces already, then amplify it in regards to being non-existent because of the such factors. Mainstream media, currently has such a strong footing in all aspects of everyday life, that is hard not to pay attention and become aware of how exactly powerful these groups are. However, there is still hope, hope that we can reclaim that right to have a say in what direction we anticipate future generations to following and later lead.

Our hope comes in many forms, from underground movements to highly vocal groups that are paving the way towards a more liberal cognizant way of public dissemination. Adbusters, a non-profit media foundation that incorporates all lifestyles, have converted back to reporting and prompting social issues that are viable within current times, they aim to highlight and bring about change in which information is not altered to fit within a particular social setting. Vice, is also a recent news group that travels internationally and brings forth a grandiose scale of societal topics that broadens the way we know the world and what exactly is the truth about our world.

Such groups listed above, strive towards enlightening the masses about social topics that should take precedents and thereby addressing what we are lacking as humanity. Overall the message that is conveyed is the direction in which we are heading and if we stand to do nothing, then so we are doomed to revisit the past mistakes of those that have come before us. Being a aware is fundamentally important to all, it drives people to speak up and ultimately to fight for what is necessary “the right to exist” regardless of what is deemed the norm.










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