Unnecessarily Sexually Explicit Content | Jay A. Patel

Modern media conglomerates have a tendency of being extremely male centered. This is very true for the media within the United States. Women’s voices are virtually nonexistent behind the scenes and more often than not are only used on screen as a catalyst for the leaders of media corporations. Unfortunately a simple online search for why most news anchors or television personalities are female the search results tend to lean more towards “The Sexiest Female Actors and Reporters” as depicted in the picture below.


A photoset from the Examiner.com reveals that, “Female news anchors on Fox News scantily dressed showing that sex sells and drives ratings for the new outlet.” [1] Dean Chambers, the author of the article on examiner.com, says, “Turn on the Fox News Channel at almost any time and you’re like to see fairly attractive, young women (usually blonde) featured as the news anchors. Typically they will be wearing very short skirts or dresses, showing their legs, and often wearing tops showing cleavage. Fox is deliberately doing this by design, critics of the news outlet say. Sex sells and it get ratings for news broadcasts as well.” [1] Examiner.com shows just what is wrong with the media world today. Women have always been viewed as objects in entertainment media but the news media always kept things business formal. However, now it seems that even the news media is sexualizing its female staff in order to draw more viewership and win the never-ending ratings war. But the question remains, what truly draws these patriarchal media corporations to overly sexualize women even today?

According to an article on the French independent news site Lemauricien.com, “It is a notorious fact that “sex sells”. One can say that it sells like peanuts. The more nudity or sexual reference depicted, the greater the sales generated in an exploitative and profit-driven media industry.” [2] The article goes on to mention that organizations such as Gender Links and Media Watch fought in the early 2000s to have sexually offensive advertisements removed locally. However since then, “we do not hear these organizations any more, at least not on this issue. Have they been silenced or do they not consider this as problematical anymore?” [2] It wouldn’t be a surprise if the few local and independent media outlets and organizations that are against sexual misrepresentation of women would get silenced by the male driven media giants of the world. If you raise too much awareness against an issue that’s been alive for years on end, one should expect retaliation from the powers that be.

So based on the fact that these large corporations see women as a cash cow it’s safe to assume that strong women are feared in this male driven world. A blog entry on the UK Huffington Post site by freelance journalist Esther Hayden states, “Men, however, are more likely to receive abuse that relates to their work or ideals, whilst women face comments on their appearance…Women on twitter are belligerently chastised for appearance, weight and everything else that makes them into objects rather than intelligent human beings. “ [3] These blatant attacks on women in the social media front prove what is wrong with the world view on women not only in media but also out in public. If you’re not super model attractive then you are ugly and deserve insults and death threats thrown at you. According to bullystatistics.org, one of the cultural reasons bullies bully others is because “in a culture that is fascinated with winning, power, and violence, some experts suggest that it is unrealistic to expect that people will not be influenced to seek power through violence in their own lives. “ [4] With that in mind we should take a look into the six mega-corporations that run the media today, each and every one of them is run by men, men who have virtually all the power in the world through media, and men who want to exert that power by sexualizing women in media because it makes them feel more powerful in that lonely throne that they sit on.

What this world need is more sites like examiner.com and the Huffington Post to address these issues in media revolving gender crimes. These independent media outlets need more than just a few local viewers and the occasional passing glance on Facebook; they need to reach worldwide recognition in order to have their voices heard by everyone. Crimes against women in media are not hidden from the masses, all they need do is turn on the TV and watch any hosted show which are generally hosted by women, and generally those women are overly sexualized. Unfortunately until more people realize that this is a problem that doesn’t seem to have an end, there won’t be an immediate solution for a very long time.



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