Who Runs The World? Not Girls, Unfortunately.

Mass media chains, most popularly “the big six” 21st Century, Fox Time Warner, Sony, CBS Corp, Viacom, and Walt Disney who own 90% of our media, controls a lot of the way people think, act, and ultimately, live. It has a way of creating problems in which people can relate and distorting the perception of reality. Behind the scenes of media, men have almost complete control over what is being delivered to consumers If we digger deep into it background voices of media, such as local t.v programming for example, the statistics of women and minorities in clout positions are shocking.They are outnumbered and overpowered by men, most of whom are white.

“Despite the need of stations to broaden the scope of their coverage, ethnic minorities in 2001 held fewer than 25% of jobs in television, and women as a whole held 40%, according to a Radio-Television News Directors Association & Foundation (RTNDA) study.” Besides a job in television alone, women only hold less than 3% of clout “decision meaking” positions in mainstream media. They constitute 9% of directors and 15% of film writers in 2012, and those stats just derived from the top 250 grossing films in 2012.

“According to a Screen Actors Guild study:

  1. Women consistently play one out of three roles in prime time television. Their representation increased only 3.5 percent since 1993.
  2. Seniors of both genders are greatly underrepresented and seem to be vanishing instead of increasing as in real life. As characters age they lose importance, value, and effectiveness. Mature women seem to be especially hard to cast — and hard to take.
  3. People of color, the vast majority of humankind … are 18.3 percent of the major network prime time cast.”(http://www.pbs.org/wnet/insidelocalnews/behind_women.html)


“The number of women breaking through the glass ceiling to reach senior leadership positions was rising at a slow pace. The percentage was quite low in comparison with the overall number of women who joined media organizations”(http://www.un.org/womenwatch/beijing15/Women_and_the_media_preliminary_brief.pdf)

The mainstream media corporations have almost complete control over what we see as the audience. Men are overwhelmingly holding key positions in the mass media world. They create these perceptions of reality as I said earlier and have the voice as to what should be produced and can delivered. They inhibit viewers to believe that their ways of thinking is the same way everyone should or does think.

Here is a video based on How the Media Failed Women in 2013, which goes into depths of major controversial issues pertaining to women in and behind the scenes:

The International Women’s Media Foundation is a Washington-based organization founded in 1990. The goal of the foundation is to invigorate women’s roles as journalists throughout the world. They believe that the voice of women need to be heard in order for there to be true and full representation in the media while also celebrating women of courage who speak out about many issues the key holders of media tend to hold back from socieety such as global issues. The IWMFs’ programs train women to have higher voices in the media industry and to succeed in their field, without the voice of a man.


“IWMF believes in:

  • the leadership role of women in independent journalism worldwide
  • the importance of women’s journalistic perspectives to providing high-quality information in the public interest
  • support for women journalists in contexts of crisis, intimidation, and persecution
  • equal opportunity and advancement for women journalists”

If more women united in making changes in the media world, there can be more of a voice that can change their perception of “real-life” these mass media productions created. And this doesn’t just apply to women, but minorities as well. For now, with such low percentages of positions of women and minorities in media, white men will continue to brainwash the world and distort what we consider reality.






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