Corporate Media


It’s a shameful time in this country when companies in all industries are merging, not for the benefit of the people but to increase their profits and control of the public. United airlines and Continental airlines merged to form the largest air carrier in the country. Recently, in the media world Comcast acquired NBC Universal which was monster move and now Comcast is looking to buy Time Warner. In all forms of media (TV, Print, Radio, and Music) there only 6 conglomerates: Comcast which recently acquired all of NBC Universal from GE, News Corp, owned by mogul Rupert Murdoch, Disney, the largest of them all in terms of revenue, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.


When you have six guys in suits telling us everything we hear and see in the media It becomes clear we are the cattle of corporate America being fed whatever is being shoved down our throats with no real choice. People like to think they have a choice but its like being given the option to drink Pepsi, Coke or RC Cola its all the same crap labeled differently. Over the years we have just accepted it for what it is and don’t bother to question anyone or anything.

As I mentioned earlier the heads of every one of those conglomerates are men but it’s more important to note they are all also white. You can see how women and minority don’t get a fair voice in the industry. In many ways you can parallel corporate media with politics, the majority of the population is not being fairly represented or represented at all. We are seeing the world through the eyes of the rich white man.  Similar to the criminal investigation theory of Rush Hour’s James Carter,

behind every show, every company there’s a rich white man waiting for his cut. Women and blacks are very rarely seen working in the industry, at least in the mainstream. If I said name a black filmmaker I guarantee you every single person would say Spike Lee. And that’s because the white man knows white male filmmakers make films that bring in the most money, period. And that’s the same all across the board, directing, acting, writing, towards blacks, females, Asians. A perfect example of all of these things could be seen on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

In 1975 there was only one black cast member and no black writers and 3 out of 11 of the writers were female. Today it’s a lot more diverse even though the head writing position has been dominated by men. The newsroom has seen much of the same. The editors of most newspapers like the New York Times and Guardian are men. But these men control what we hear and what we don’t hear.

Fortunately there is another way to get the news and information we want. A completely uncensored, real choice, on demand service called the internet. The internet itself is a powerful tool but nowhere as powerful as the people who use that tool. YouTube changed the way we consume video. No longer are we to suffer from the reign of “the man.” We now have the freedom to watch what we want and share what we make as well. There are many bloggers and so-called journalists out there that deliver and report any kind of news or information they have on a local and sometimes more wide spread scale. Which is all fine and dandy but when it comes to national and international news we are left to listen to the big guys. One man set out to change all of this. He set on a mission to bring the people the truth and expose corruption of governments and corporations all around the world.  That man is Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.


Julian Assange ended up leaking the biggest story since the Pentagon Papers back during the Johnson administration. Assange grew up in Australia and was a computer enthusiast and hacker. It was early in his career he realized it was his mission to set out and have the truth available to the public, to bring down oppressive regimes by exposing them to the world. Wikileaks is a small organization but a powerful one with the slogan “We open governments”. Their first story rocked the Kenyan government and revealed the former president was guilty of money laundering on an international level. They then took leaked information that brought bank Julius Baer to its knees. The bank was involved in various illegal activities in the Cayman Islands and had actually filed a lawsuit in California against Wikileaks with resulted in a brief shutdown of the site but after mirror sites began to appear the judge ultimately decided to overturn the previous decision. The biggest story of the decade is all thanks to Wikileaks. Former US Army Private Chelsea Manning turned over nearly 500,000 classified documents on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Wikileaks then released a video of an air strike on Baghdad that killed civilians and two Reuters reporters, they called it “Collateral Murder.”

Wikileaks unlike the mainstream media has no filters, no censors. They provide the uncensored truth. That’s not to say the mainstream doesn’t provide the same. In fact Wikileaks teamed up with Glen Greenwald and The Guardian to bring the War leaks to the public. The media landscape is changing and the people are slowly taking back what freedom is theirs from the executives.



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