Life Isn’t Fair

(Instead of a bibliography I just hyperlinked everything.)


The world we live in is a scary place.  Many of us are blind to the fact that we are being controlled.  What are we being controlled by you might ask?  The answer is media conglomerates also known as the ‘Big 6’.  The big 6 are Sony, 21st Century Fox, Walt Disney, CBS Corp, Viacom, Time Warner, and Sony and they own 90% of our media.  Whatever thoughts they may have in they company, they can run it in their media and they essentially can shape America.  You may look at some of these companies and say, “Oh they only dabble in music.  They only dabble in television.  They only dabble in movies,” and you my friend would be wrong.  These companies have many companies under them that you would thought they owned.  For instance, Walt Disney owns ESPN.  That’s right you’re favorite childhood movie makers also owns your daily sports digest tv show Sportscenter.

It doesn’t stop there.  You may think Time Warner is just a cable service.  It essentially owns all the channels you watch.  Some of the channels under the ownership of Time Warner include all HBO channels, all Cinemax channels, CNN, TNT, and TBS among others.  Rival cable network Comcast has recently purchased Time Warner Cable back in February pending FCC approval.

What does the future hold?  We don’t know.  If the deal goes through, the cable marketplace changes drastically.  You know how some places in America you can get Comcast but not Time Warner cable?  That would be negated and Comcast would essentially become a monopoly.  Liana Baker of the Chicago Tribune says, “The all-stock deal would put Comcast in 19 of the 20 largest U.S. TV markets, and could give it unprecedented leverage in negotiations with content providers and advertisers.”  This deal simply should not go through.  Comcast would have cable television in a stronghold.  It’s only competitor is DirecTV.  DirecTV is satellite television, which means it works through satellites.  If it storms or rains, you’re probably going to lose connection. Nobody wants that to happen to their television.  What if another Hurricane Sandy happens?  We need television to let us know what is going on outside.  We’d be left in the dark with DirecTV.  If the Comcast takeover happens, who knows what the price of cable television will be.  They own the market so they can dictate it.  With other companies in your market, you have to have competitive prices or nobody is going to buy what your selling.  This benefits the consumer.  You see so many cellphone ads on television these days and every time the prices are going lower and lower.  This would essentially be erased in the cable television market if Comcast bought Time Warner.  The media really isn’t reporting on this, so people don’t really know.  This will drastically affect many people and the masses aren’t being informed about it.

Also, have you noticed how attractive female news anchors are, especially when it comes to sports?  Quick!  Think of the ugliest female news anchor you know?  That’s right you can’t name any.  As a guy, I’m not saying this is a bad thing.  I’m a male and I enjoy the view of an attractive female.  To be fair though, what if a female wasn’t all too attractive?  What if she is average looking or overweight?  What if she has all the necessary tools to be a great sports anchor like asking the right questions at the right time, knowing background information of the athlete she may be interviewing, never loses composure on camera, but she may not be visibly pleasing?  She’s automatically written off as unable to fulfill the job.

My knowledge of female sports anchors starts with Erin Andrews.  She is popular anchor who works for ESPN.  (Errm Disney)  Anchors are pleasing to white men because they own and run sports shows.  Andrews is essentially Barbie in living form.


She is a tall slender blonde.  Not so long ago I was roaming the internet and found out Erin Andrews is leaving the ESPN family to join Fox Sports.  She is being replaced by Samantha Steele.


Steele is basically a spitting image of Andrews.  A tall slender blonde female.  It’s almost laughable at what ESPN is doing.  It’s so obvious, it’s ridiculous.  I really feel bad for the overweight, not pretty enough, or minority female who grew up dreaming of being a sports anchor for ESPN but just doesn’t fit the mold.  They’ll never get to fulfill their dreams because of their looks.  This is setting our country back.


I’m afraid of what the future holds for our nation.  We are essentially run and persuaded by a monopoly.  These big 6 companies shape our lives and we don’t even know it.  It’s unfair to us as consumer’s and Americans.  We are certainly living in dire times.  Females still aren’t getting equally either, hopefully that changes too.



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